Connections Online 2014 Users Roundtable
September 25-26 in Orlando 
New Performance Appraisal Module!

New Power Tools for Project Management App!

New Project Collaboration with other Sites App!

New Core Data Connector!


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We have been hard at work this past year to create additional value for our Connections customers.


At this year's Users Roundtable, we are introducing several new apps and modules that work with Connections that will drive better dialogs, collaboration, communication, project management results, and overall better employee engagement and performance.


Jim will introduce our new Performance Management Module that takes COL to the next level - allowing for a comprehensive Performance Appraisal process and improving employee engagement.


We will also be introducing Jon Ungerland and Dan Micale from DaLand Solutions who will be demonstrating several new "Dream Factory" apps that work with Connections - specifically, Power Tools for deeper reporting on project management, connecting your core system to Connections, and being able to collaborate and share project work with other Connections customers on projects.

Agenda Highlights


New Performance Management Module


Since last year's Users Roundtable we have been actively working on finalizing the new Connections Performance Management Module. 


We have put a lot of our own thinking into this solution, combined with feedback from our beta-testing group. The end-product is a simple, time-efficient, adult-to-adult process that will improve performance through focused employee coaching and development.  It will also provide information you can use to drive pay and promotion decisions.


Features that are part of this exciting new Performance Module:

  • Dashboards for Organization, Department and Individuals summarizing and tracking
    • Creating Organization, Department and Individual commitments and tracking results.  Also tracks Direct Report's commitments
    • High impact metrics as well as health of other metrics
    • Current project load, Project completions, Project progress composite, as well as Project Evaluation criteria and Project Team assessment results
    • Progress on Department members' goals and personal development commitments
    • Organization, Department, Project and Individual Dialog impact
    • Individual Total Engagement scores (relationships within the organization, core values, and Basic Role performance)  
    • Individual Commitments
    • Survey automatically sent at the end of a project to rate project team member contribution and effectiveness as well as whether project met its objective
    • Survey on Employee's Contribution (relationships, core values, and Basic Role Performance) this survey will be filled out by the boss and employee
    • Reports organized by the above factors


Join us in September to see how integrating Performance Management into Connections makes Connections a must have.  We will roll out the total solution and provide an opportunity for some Q & A with Cardwell and our Users who have piloted this module.


Dream Factory Solutions


DaLand Solutions LLC ( is planning to introduce a suite of "Dream Factory" solutions at our Users Roundtable this year to benefit COL Users by plugging into the Connections Online Web Services (COWS).


PowerTools for Project Managers - The first application, referred to as "PowerTools," is a project management desktop/device native application designed to empower project management professionals and general COL gurus to more efficiently, effectively, and easily manage COL projects. Features of DaLand Solutions PowerTools will include: improved "at a glance" COL data management, insert tasks/sub-tasks at specified places in task lists, copy milestone or task 'buckets' or groups, edit Project Tasks and Follow-Up tasks simultaneously, link Follow-Up tasks to Project Tasks, enhanced search capabilities, and setting up task dependencies.  Additionally, the PowerTools application will provide project managers or PMOs with a "PMO Dashboard" to measure critical aspects of projects and provide graphical analysis of project tasks, resources, and overall health. 


Core Data Connector (to Symitar/Episys, DNA, etc.) - The second DaLand "Dream Factory" solution (which will be deployed and managed through PowerTools) will be a core data connector (i.e. to Symitar/Episys, DNA, etc.) to allow credit unions to query data directly from the host processor for automatic population and updating of critical metrics. 


Collaborate with other Credit Unions via a Collaborative Hub - Finally, have you ever considered just how much valuable information is stored on your COL site?  What if you could collaborate with other credit unions and share or exchange non-sensitive project, initiative, metric, or other information via an online collaboration hub?  Soon, your organization will not only benefit from your usage of COL, but you'll be able to learn from and participate in what others are doing within COL, among other exciting innovations.




Availability and pricing will be announced at the Users Roundtable. 


Kick Off Dinner:

We will start the Users Roundtable off with a Kick-Off Dinner on Wednesday evening, September 24th at 6:30.



Past attendees have said that they find the networking with other customers invaluable.

Learn new and creative ways to incorporate Connections Online into your own process.



Embassy Suites Hotel, 8978 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 - 407-352-1400

We have reserved a block of rooms - $149 per night plus taxes.  For this rate, please let Linda know and she will reserve your room.



Thursday 8:00 to 5:00 - Friday 8:00 till Noon



Each company receives one complimentary attendance.

Additional attendees will be charged a minimal fee of $200 to cover meals and materials.

Breakfast both mornings and lunch on Thursday will be provided.


We hope you will join us!


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We are looking forward to seeing you in September!

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