Connections Online July/August 2015 Newsletter


                               Connections Online Users Roundtable

March 2-4, 2016

San Diego

Save the Date!


Best Practices Presentations! 

Networking with Other Users! 

New Functionality!  

Vision for Connections 5.0!

Our next Users Roundtable will be March 2 - 4, 2016.  We will have our Kick-Off Dinner on Wednesday evening, March 2nd and the Users Roundtable will be on Thursday (8:30 to 5:00) and on Friday (8:30 to noon). 

Our Users Roundtable will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in the beautiful San Diego Bay - Downtown area! 



Tips and Additional Help Documentation


Add your Picture to your Individual Connections Page

In order to add a profile pictures of yourself in Connections Online, create an account on the Gravatar website ( that is linked to your Connections Online email address. If you do not have an account simply sign up and add your picture there. Make sure you link the picture to your Connections Online email address and it will automatically pull in your image.  Please note: the picture you want to use in Connections Online must be linked to the email address used in Connections Online. These settings are all done in your account on the Gravatar website. Once it is properly set up, Connections Online will automatically pull the picture from Gravatar.

Project Tasks in Templates

You cannot leave blank lines on this template -- a blank task line indicates the end of the import.  It will only import the tasks above the blank line, then stop.

Also, you can add tasks either by using the "Add Task" button located at the bottom of the page, OR you can copy and paste one of the existing task lines to anywhere in the middle or end of the blue section. You must copy the entire line and not just certain fields, and it must be the correct color and formatting. 


Completed Tasks on Dialogs

Completed tasks on dialogs will only roll forward as "completed" for the next dialog meeting (so the dialog can be printed showing them are completed) and then they will drop off for future dialog meetings. They can still be seen by opening past dialogs.

These dialogs will still show up on the Individual page. The Follow-up task list on the individual page functions the same as the other task lists on the individual page. There is a filter that you can set to show or hide the completed tasks.



To make sure you are using the most up-to-date templates please use this link:  




Connections Online Announcements 

Keep Up-to-Date on All System Announcements


6/27/15 Interface Updates

    • The Support Community link in the page footer is now displayed as a Help icon in the sidebar. With the addition of this new icon in the sidebar, the order of the icons was also changed. Starting out, the new Help icon will always link to the same help page in the Connections Online forums, but it will be changed in the next update to point to page-specific help.
    • The Sign Out icon is removed from the sidebar, and new Settings and Sign Out links are added next to the user name. This change makes room for the new Help icon and, hopefully, makes signing out and finding your user settings more intuitive.
    • The chart used on metric pages and on the metric report is updated to remove the labels along both axes and to remove the export button. The Y axis was confusing for some because the numbers shown were not formatted (it would show .8 instead of 80%), and the X axis was confusing because the dates shown lined up with the dates that metrics were entered instead of the dates that the metrics represented (a metric entered on 5/30 that represented May's value would look like it lined up above June instead of May). The export button was removed because printing the report or just taking a screenshot would work just as well.
    • The list of metric owners on metric pages is updated to work better on touch devices. Previously, the delete button that appeared on roll-over was not accessible from touch devices. Now, touch devices will show the button next to each name by default. The user icon is now also hidden on desktop screens until the owner's name is hovered over, and the entire owner, including name and icons, is now displayed as one object.

6/27/15 New Features Updates

    • Single Sign-on Authentication. Sites can now configure sign-on for Connections Online to work with their own internal authorization system (including Windows Authentication).
    • Logging in with Facebook and Twitter. Sites can now allow their users to tie their Facebook and Twitter accounts to their Connections Online account. This makes logging into Connections Online easier from mobile devices. This does not allow Connections Online to post or tweet on their social media accounts. It is only used for authentication.
    • Third-Party App/Website Authorization. Developers may now create apps or websites that log into Connections Online as specific users without needing to know the user's password, as long as the user (or a site administrator) gives the app permission to do so. Authorized apps can be viewed and deleted on the site admin page and on user settings pages. Developers will be able to create new apps from the new /developer page in Connections Online.


3/30/15 Org/Dept Module Updates -


6/19/15 API Updates -    


4/15/15 API Updates - 


3/24/15 API Updates -


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Users who would like to be automatically notified by email when the server is down, or when there are updates, must subscribe to these Forums.  To subscribe, simply go to this Forum link, login with your Connections Online password, then click the "subscribe" button in the upper right of the page:   You will then automatically receive an email when any update announcements are posted on the forums. 


You can also click on any of the other Forums and subscribe to the ones for which you want to stay informed of any new posts.







Connections Online 4.1 Application Training Webinars

This 60-minute training webinar dives deeper into an overall "how to use" Connections Online 4.1.  

Click Here to register for Monday, July 20th at 1:30 ET

Click Here to register for Tuesday, August 25th at 1:30 ET

Click Here to register for Tuesday, September 15th at 1:30 ET


Connections Online 4.1 Advanced Features Webinars

This 30-minute training webinar highlights advanced functionality of Connections Online 4.1 with Q&A. 

Click Here to register for Tuesday, July 21st at 1:30 ET 

Click Here to register for Wednesday, August 26th at 1:30 ET 

Click Here to register for Wednesday, September 16th at 1:30 ET


Connections Online 4.1 Security Training Webinars

This 60-minute training webinar is for Site Administrators - setting security on the site page and throughout the application.  

Click Here to register for Wednesday, July 22nd at 1:30 ET 

Click Here to register for Thursday, August 27th at 1:30 ET 

Click Here to register for Thursday, September 17th at 1:30 ET


Past Educational Webinar Recordings 

For a listing of our past Educational Webinars, use this link: links.dotm  







Need Support?

There are several ways you can get help while using Connections Online. You can search our Forums, ask the community on the Forums, or send us a support ticket by simply sending an email to We are always more than happy to help our users solve their problems. You can also search our forums and send us a support ticket directly from Connections Online. Just click "Create Support Ticket" at the bottom of the page. If you want to search use the search bar to the right of "How can we help you?". If you can't find your answer just fill out the information there and submit your question.


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