Connections Online December 2014 Newsletter


Recap of Users Roundtable


We appreciated the presentations by our attendees on how they are reinforcing the dialog process in their credit unions as well as other innovative enhancements to the Connections Process.  We were also glad we could present our new Performance Module, DaLand's Dream Works applications, and Bryan's roadmap for future development to the application.  All of these are designed to  provide more value to Connections customers.  In an effort to share the Roundtable with the User Community who were not able to attend, please feel free to review the presentations and documents from our 2014 User Roundtable:  

Connections Online Performance Management Module

Jim Cardwell presented our NEW Performance Management Module at this year's Users Roundtable.  He also recently presented a webinar introducing it to all of our Users.


We promised you the recording of the session as well as a few handouts.  Here are the links and information on the documents:

If you are interested in the Performance Management Module, please contact Karla at 800-395-1410 or email  for a conversation to answer your questions and also see it working on our beta site.  We look forward to your feedback and also answering any questions you may have.




PowerTools for Project Managers


Jon Ungerland of DaLand Solutions introduced his Dream Factory Suite for Project Managers to the Users who attended our Users Roundtable. 


Recently Jon presented a webinar introducing it to all of our Users.  We did record the session and as promised are providing a link to a recording of the webinar plus a link to the PowerPoint and Q/A from the session.


If this tool interests you, we hope you will contact Jon for further discussion on how the Power Tools for Project Managers can help improve your PMO. 


Jon's contact information:


Jon Ungerland

DaLand Solutions

Office 855 DALAND1

Cell 303 916-0428 


Connections Online Announcements 

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Go to the link and click on the "Subscribe" button in the upper right hand corner of theh Forum (you may need to be logged in to Connections for the Subscribe button to show).  You will then automatically receive an email when any update announcements are posted on the forums. 


You can also click on any of the other Forums and subscribe to the ones for which you want to stay informed of any new posts.


Links to Recent Announcements:

Connections Online API Updates:

Connections Online API:

Outlook and Project Connector News:

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Tips and Additional Help Documentation


Reordering Projects

When you use the headers to reorder projects it only does this locally and doesn't reset on page refreshes.  Please note that: your 1st click on a header will reorder your project based on the header you chose. Your 2nd click on that same header will reverse the order of your 1st click (for example, if you clicked to sort using a date and the oldest date is at top, clicking a second time will change the list from oldest date at top to newest date on top). If you click a 3rd time, your projects will reorder back to their original view.


"Remember Me" Function Not Working?

It could be a cookies issue. If you go to Internet Options in IE you can delete all of your cookies.
Once inside of internet options on the general tab, click delete under browsing history, make sure cookies are selected and delete them. 
Or, if you have cookies you don't want to lose, you can find the Connections Online cookies and delete them manually. After that just log in and it should automatically refresh the cookies.


Threshold Colors not showing up on Metrics?

Open the metric, click on the pencil at the top to edit, and check the box that says "tie color to current value". The colors will show up.


Deleting Users

A User cannot be "inactivated" per se.  Connections is really about the WORK that a person is responsible for.  If you are tracking the "work" like tasks in a project, if you delete the employee/User, the project tasks are not deleted (the person's name associated with the task is deleted, so you would have to assign the task work to someone else, but you don't lose the task itself).  You do lose the person's basic role, however, if you delete the User.  We recommend that people do not delete an employee when they are terminated.  We recommend that the COL Admin make a hard copy of all dialogs on their People Tab for HR, then delete all dialogs from their People Tab.  The Admin should delete personal tasks if not work related, and all comments and tasks associated with the Basic Role (but do not delete the Basic Role).  Then the Admin should change the name of the User to "TBD" or their title could be used.  If they are going to replace the person - remember, this system is about the WORK and then who OWNS the work.  When the new person is hired, Admin can replace that person's name and that User can re-negotiate the Basic Role, Project Work tasks, etc. If you are not going to replace that person, you would want to go in and reassign their work to someone else.  Then delete the User.




Connections Online 4.1 Recorded Introductory Webinar

Use this link for a previously recorded webinar that is an introduction to Version 4.1 - 
It is helpful to use the Quick Reference Guide during the webinar - use this link to print the QRG - DOCS/QRG-4-1.docx


Client Care Notes

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Connections Online 4.1 Application Training Webinars

Tuesday, January 13th at 1:30 ET

This 60-minute training webinar dives deeper into an overall "how to use" Connections Online 4.1.  

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Connections Online 4.1 Advanced Features Webinars

Wednesday, January 14th at 1:30 ET

This 30-minute training webinar highlights advanced functionality of Connections Online 4.1 with Q&A. 

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Connections Online 4.1 Security Training Webinars

Thursday, January 15th at 1:30 ET

This 60-minute training webinar is for Site Administrators - setting security on the site page and throughout the application.  

Click Here to register for January 15th 


Past Educational Webinar Recordings 

For a listing of our past Educational Webinars, use this link:  


Informational Webinar

If you know someone outside of your company who may be interested in learning more about Connections Online, we have an informational webinar scheduled on the following dates. 

Please pass these links on to them to register for the:  

January 20th Webinar at 1:30 ET:  

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