Connections Online Partner Program

Solution Provider Program

Connections Online (COL) is an award-winning strategy and project execution SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application created to help small and midsize businesses (SMB) as well as large enterprises. COL will impress your clients and prospects, increase your new client acquisitions, and drive your top-line revenue.

COL's Solution Provider Program is designed for experienced business software resellers who are interested in growing their revenues. As more and more SMBs turn to hosted software solutions to meet their business needs, the opportunities for solution providers are bigger and better than ever before.

COL Referral Program for IT Consultants and Management Consultants

COL solutions create new opportunities for IT and management consultants. Many consultants see the COL Partner Program as a way to generate revenue.

SaaS is creating a new dynamic in the software market that allows consultants to capture revenue that previously was only available through very expensive and time consuming implementations of "traditional" software packages. This is due to some fundamental differences between SaaS and "traditional" software.

COL Referral Partner Program

COL Referral Partners introduce COL to companies that are searching for an award-winning strategy and project execution software. Referral Partners receive a referral fee. With Referral Partners, COL bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing the companies you refer, while you receive a referral fee.

If you are interested or want to receive more information about any one of our Partner Programs and how to get started, please contact Karla Norwood.

Featured Partner


Connections Online (COL) has partnered with Birst™, a leading provider of on-demand solutions for business intelligence and analytics, to enhance its Connections Online 4.0 strategy execution tool. This partnership provides Connections Online with business intelligence and advanced analytics for customers, enabling them to stay on track with their strategy with improved documentation, management, and tracking capabilities. As a result, Connections Online has released an enhanced version – Connections Online Professional with its new Advanced Analytics option.

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