Connections Online Basic - Screenshot Tour

Do more:

  • Complete more projects in less time
  • Focused and accountable employees results in a more productive work force
  • Consistent communication at all levels engages employees quickly
  • Fewer yet more effective meetings reduces time spent in meetings
  • Immediate access to information helps make faster decisions
  • Managing up and across the enterprise uses resources more effectively

Strategic Goals and Business Scorecards

Your strategy defines your journey. The scorecard is measuring the strategic journey.

  1. Color coding to show the "health" of the metric
  2. Selected metric shows more detail – comments on current state, and links to other documentation related to this metric
  3. Metric trend line chart

Managing Project Portfolios

This is the Project Portfolio module. Using this module, prioritize projects according to company or departments’ strategy and goals as well as track the progress of projects at a high level.

  1. A color scorecard shows the health of each project
  2. Shows status of projects [current, queued, completed, parking lot]
  3. Clicking on the name of the project opens the green tab to view the complete project plan
  4. Check the box and get more summary detail about the project [comment on current status, project members and roles, related documentation links]
  5. The Tracking column shows alignment for each project

Managing Project Plans

Connections Online provides an easy framework for a standard project management process. The Project Plan helps the manager get back control of deploying resources and tracking progress of projects and department resources that are assigned to tasks throughout the enterprise.

This page represents the entire project plan view. Our customers use this page to manage the entire project – including:

  1. Project measurements [like budgets]
  2. Project tasks
  3. Project team members

Meeting Management for All Levels

This shows the detail of the meeting that can be captured and archived.

  1. Set agendas
  2. Add meeting minutes DURING the meeting (saving time to rewrite them)
  3. Track meeting follow-up tasks.

The meeting agendas, as well as other meeting information necessary for the meetings, are updated and viewed BEFORE each meeting. Attendees come prepared and informed – now the meetings are shorter and more focused.

Managing Individual Performance, Goals, and Tasks

This page has all the work for which the person is responsible. The person's job and individual measurable goals can be easily managed and communicated.

Managing Individual Performance, Goals, and Tasks

These modules on the My Work tab outline the additional categories of work for which employees can be responsible.

  1. Any task from any project across the enterprise that has the employee listed as accountable is listed in this module. These can be updated right from this module and will be reflected on the associated project task lists.
  2. Any meeting follow-up task from any meeting shows in the Meeting Follow-up Task list – and can also be updated from this page.
  3. Personal Tasks are available (which is up to the discretion of the employee to use)
  4. Overall goals and accountability can also be listed.

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