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Find out how more and more companies are gaining the strategic management advantage of having all their people focused on the same goals, sharing information, and working together as high-performance teams.

Strategic Management Goals & Business Scorecards

Connections Online provides clear and consistent communication and feedback on enterprise and department goals and scorecards. Employees know the most important things that have to be done for the business. No ambiguity.

Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics

Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics increases the level of transparency needed for leadersip insight and accelerates organization-wide response in reaching critical goals.

Project Management - Project Portfolios & Project Plans

View, prioritize, and track all projects. Using a standard project approach to managing project plans, incorporate all project elements in one easy view. Seeing is revealing.

Meeting Management for All Levels

Eliminate wasted time in meetings. Set agendas, add meeting minutes, track meeting follow-up tasks. Attendees can view status of goals, metrics and projects before attending meetings, so meetings can be shorter and more focused.

Individual Performance Management of Goals and Tasks

Employees can view and manage all of their own work - individual performance goals as well as work tasks. Employees are clear about the focus of their day-to-day work, which is aligned with the department and enterprise goals.

Connections Online consistently improves profitability and leadership effectiveness and accelerates the pace at which you can complete projects and reach critical goals.
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