About Us

Connections Online is a Software-as-a-Service company that helps clients succeed by improving organization-wide alignment and cross-functional collaboration.

Connections Online® was created by its parent company, Cardwell Group, a leadership development and strategy execution consulting firm. In response to strong client demand, Cardwell Group transferred its extensive knowledge in leadership development and strategy execution into a stand-alone software product designed to address executives' challenges in leading companies towards their strategic goals.

Currently installed in organizations across various industries, Connections Online consistently improves profitability and leadership effectiveness.

The Challenge

Executives lacking well-coordinated strategy tools are buried in process and have little time to lead.

The Solution

Connections Online offers your company a fast, easy, and affordable solution. It creates a virtual blueprint of your organization, its goals and strategic plans, scorecards, project portfolios and plans, and individual performance management.

Aligning a myriad of projects with your organization's overall strategy, Connections Online keeps your company on track, connected and focused on its goals. With its powerful capacity to instantly connect employees anywhere in the world with real-time, critical information, Connections Online accelerates the pace at which your company can complete projects and reach its critical goals.

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